Explore UX case study.

Dheepak Narayan
3 min readJan 7, 2021


Explore is a platform for travelers to connect and quench their thirst for an odyssey.

Target audience

  1. Individual travelers.
  2. Travel enthusiast.

Problem Statement

People who wish to travel but couldn’t make it, mainly due to the unavailability of their fellow travelers, family, or friends could still make it work out by connecting with other travelers.

Design process

  1. Empathize.
  2. Define.
  3. Ideate.
  4. Design.


The empathize phase began with user research to understand the user's perspective. Two types of research were carried out:

  1. Quantitative research.
  2. Qualitative research.

Quantitative Research

In quantitative research, about 61 people were surveyed and found some insights in form of data.

The results of the survey pointed towards the obvious fact that people who wish to travel but couldn't travel still want to take a vacation or travel to the respective place. That's how the idea of EXPLORE was born.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research was conducted to understand the users and their activity.

User interview questions:

  1. Why do you travel?
  2. How often do you travel?
  3. Would you like to travel alone?
  4. How do you feel when your friends and family aren't available?
  5. Do you travel alone?
  6. How comfortable are you traveling with a stranger?
  7. How was your solo travel experience?
  8. What's your usual mode of transport?
  9. What's your favorite place to travel?

Define Phase

Based on qualitative and quantitative research User persona and empathy mapping is classified below.

Ideation Phase

A feature matrix was carried out to understand the features and prioritize them.

Feature Matrix

To shape a hierarchical structure of how pages are related and grouped well as highlight which pages differ a user flow was created.

User flow

To ensures that users spend less time and effort searching for information and are successful in finding what they need the Information architecture was designed.

Information architecture


Design Process

Mid-Fi Wireframes

User interface designs

Explore is nothing but a comfortable platform for travel enthusiasts who like to travel, explore, and experience across cultures which is the essence of traveling.



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